Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flickoff.org is a website dedicated to helping the environment stay as clean and healthy as possible. The sites name comes from the simple basis of 'flicking off,' as in a light switch. While the idea is environmentally friendly and easy enough that anyone could do it, their execution is not.

It's clear to see the font choice of the logo is supposed to make viewers second guess themselves. While they did a fantastic job of making 'flick' look like another similar word (whether or not it was their intention) it doesn't really help their goals of becoming a power efficient, environmentally conscious company. Their whole deal is 'abrasiveness AND trees!' and I don't it works or appeals to any audience. This is a vast generalization, but I don't think people who would buy a bumper sticker that says 'flick off' because it looks like it means something else really care about the environment.

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